Unraveled is an online and physical storytelling platform for independent musicians and designers, performance artists and writers, video and sound mavens and installation artists. The Unraveled Artist Community now includes 80 bands from 8 countries and 15 visual artists as well as numerous volunteers and production assists. Unraveled’s products and events seek to find innovative solutions for limitations of space, time and money often faced by the independent artist and hopes to provide access to materials and resources they need in order to create.

Unraveled funds itself by producing The Unraveled Collection, a series of t-shirts known as Unraveled Originals, designed by our visual artists in response to a song made by one of our curated bands. In doing so, Unraveled creates a physical representation for art that is increasingly experienced digitally. When you purchase an Unraveled Original, you also receive a complimentary download of the song it represents. Unraveled is inspired by the social nature of apparel and its potential to spread art and ideas and create a connection between people with shared references.

Unraveled was started in an effort to amplify the voice of young independent artists. All artists featured on Unraveled create work that speaks for their generation. Take the time to find a phrase that speaks to you, discover its source, and read about its creator’s motivation. Then wear it with pride and, when people ask you what your shirt means, share the art and spread its story.