Unraveled creates a physical representation for art that is increasingly experienced digitally. The Unraveled Collection is a series of T-shirts that feature carefully selected lyrics from songs made by a curated community of independent artists. When you purchase an Unraveled Original, you also receive a complimentary download of the song it represents. Unraveled also provides an interview where the musician or band featured shares information about themselves and their creative process.

Unraveled is a response to the decline of records, DVDs, and books, and offers an alternate tangible object to complement our digital consumption of these arts. It is also inspired by the social nature of apparel, by its potential to spread art and ideas and create a connection between people who have shared references.

Unraveled was started in an effort to amplify the voice of young independent artists. All artists featured on Unraveled create work that speaks for their generation. Take the time to find a phrase that speaks to you, discover its source, and read about its creator’s motivation. Then wear it with pride and, when people ask you what your shirt means, share the art and spread its story.

The Unraveled Team:

Farida Amar, Owner + Art Director
General Inquiries: hi@unraveledartists.com

I’Von Lakey, Public Relations Representative
Press + Media: hype@unraveledartists.com

Curatorial Team:
Andrew Bordeos, Curator – Los Angeles, CA
Karna Ray, Curator - Brooklyn, NY

Unraveled is a project of Comfort Zone Killer LLC. Special thank you to Arjun Ray, Kaitlyn Hamilton, Abigail Phillips, Meghan Fredrich, Seda Gokoglu, Lorelei Bandrovschi, Theresa Vilsmeier + Mike Bell for their love, support and creative contributions to the early development of Unraveled.